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What about light partition wall plate has economic benefits

Source:DQ   Date:2016/10/14 10:27:26

1. The light partition wall plate according to local resources with different materials, produce a variety of structures, a variety of functions, multiple USES of the new partition wall board, and superior to the current standard and is in line with national wall change policy of new wall materials production equipment, has the characteristics of "small investment, quick effect".

2. The light partition wall plate production of lightweight partition board, energy conservation, environmental protection, low production cost and no deformation after installation. Can reduce weight, increase housing space and the usable floor area, the area of materials used for the required partition panel, but building design flexibility and simple. Very suitable for the need of health area, easy to emergency to enter and has robustness.

3. The light partition wall plate surface level off, smooth, high compactness, realize the industrialization of the new building wall plate production line. Greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. Radically changed the left-handed and right-handed mixing blade separating plate strength is low, assembled from there easily after cracking.

Article partition panel including glass fibre reinforced cement board, glass fiber reinforced gypsum hollow bar, steel wire (wire mesh) article reinforced cement board, light concrete board, composite sandwich article light board and so on. Full name is the article of lightweight partition board, as a general industrial buildings, residential buildings, public construction project of the partition main material in bearing.

Clapboard materials straw, sawdust. Building in the process of installation, framework, using the partition board not only can save raw materials, and easy to install, reduce a lot of effort, is the best of both worlds.

Partition board is divided into lightweight partition board and ordinary clapboard, lightweight partition board are light. Actually in the United States and Switzerland and other countries have used clapboard series products, they will probably have the energy conservation and emissions reduction, advocate low carbon life habit.


Company response wall to change policy of the country, absorb advanced technology at home and abroad, successfully develop produced meet the demand of modern energy-saving building energy-saving wall materials: composite sandwich plate (FPB), solid slat (.spb), hollow board (KPB).

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What about light partition wall plate has economic benefits

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