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Talk about the sound insulation effect of lightweight partition board

Source:DQ   Date:2016/10/14 10:14:55

At present there are quite a number of panels on the market of lightweight partition board sound insulation effect is poorer, users reflect bad after install and use, as the wall panel manufacturer, it is necessary for the sound insulation performance of wall materials have a scientific understanding, in order to better meet the needs of the user. Architectural acoustics workers at home and abroad on the basis of a large number of studies, sound insulation performance is wallboard made some regularity in the summary.

A sound insulation effect, vary according to the wall material

Single-layer homogeneous solid partition panel, in general, according to the quantity of the sound insulation of architectural acoustics of judging "acoustic quality law", namely the amount of noise is proportional to the component weight per unit area, per double surface density, sound insulation quantity increase about 4-5 db. Therefore, high surface density of wall surface density than the low wall sound insulation effect is good. Surface density of lightweight partition board, however, limited to the product standards, thus, to improve the sound insulation quantity of light-quality partitions, double layer or multilayer composite structure should be adopted in general.

Second, the air layer Settings

Some wall materials adopts double wall structure, and in between two layers of wall to keep a certain thickness of the hollow floor clearance, due to the effect of the elastic layer of the air layer, can make the total wall of sound insulation quantity over quality law, greatly improving the sound insulation performance of wallboard.

Three, the sound absorption material in the application of the partition board

In double wall body of lightweight partition board air layer to add some kind of sound absorption material, will be more obvious increase double the amount of sound insulation wall. And the thickness of sound-absorbing material is larger, the better sound absorption performance of sound absorption material, the greater the increase in the amount of sound insulation. Such as gypsum board partition wall of sound insulation effect was not good, but if the sound insulation materials to join in the installation, the improvement of its sound insulation effect is very satisfactory.

Four, the role of bridge

Double wall of the air layer between the should try to avoid solid rigid connection, because such a connection will have the effect of sound bridge, the bridge of existence makes the sound insulation effect of air layer, destruction of the air layer elastic layer effect, make the sound insulation quantity decreased obviously. For example, the hollow board partition or hollow block partition can reduce wall body weight, and in the product promotion to emphasize its sound insulation effect is good, but its internal cavity cannot be equated with sound insulation effect of air layer. This is because the cavity is surrounded by rigid connection of the bridge, is can't stop the propagation of sound. In fact, measured in the laboratory results show that compared with the hollow sheet and solid sheet of material, the surface density phase at the same time, the sound insulation quantity is very close.

Five, the plaster layer can increase the amount of noise

Wall of the holes and cracks on the negative impact of the noise has great some lightweight aggregate hollow block wall, because there are a lots of connectivity of holes in the block material and fine seam, after the block masonry must be conducted in the wall surface plaster processing, sound insulation quantity won't be able to meet the requirements. For example, 190 mm thick ceramsite hollow block masonry walls, surface rendering after volume is lower than 20 db, plaster, wall of sound insulation quantity can reach 50 decibels.

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Talk about the sound insulation effect of lightweight partition board

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