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Wuhan Da Quan Group

Company headquarters: Hubei District, Wuhan City, Hongshan Province, the 15 floor of the building street SBI 2

Production base: Wuhan City, East Lake Province, Hubei City, province, the new technology development zone two Hukou village 1

Customer service hotline: 008627-87170550

Tel: 18571858049




Drive Way
Take bus

Platform: business street Optics Valley Avenue Luoyu road Guanshan mouth
The mountain Avenue street
Line: 723 road to the entrepreneurial street Optics Valley Road, the 702 road to
Luo Yu Lu Guan Shan Kou, 510 road to the mountain street off road
Get off the car。

Ride in a subway train

Optics Valley Plaza
Line: take Metro Line 2 to Optics Valley Plaza, exit from the C
Come on, Luoyu Road, Optics Valley square on 786 street to start the
Village to get off; or in the National Road Optics Valley square to take the 738 Road
To get off the street business Changfei optical fiber

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