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A partition to separate the wall of building internal space. Does not bearing wall, generally require light, thin, has good sound insulation performance. The partition of the rooms with different functions have different requirements, such as the partition of the kitchen should have refractory performance; Bathroom partition should be moistureproof ability.

  • Installation


1, Structural base cleaning

Before installation, clean up the scale, dirt, grease, sundry, ground garbage, repair the uneven ground.

2,  Location and set out installation position

Water wash the ground, set out wall position according to design requirements; Pop-up the partition wall’s line of center, width, windows and doors hole along the ground, wall, roof , the width of the line exactly same like the partition wall thickness, elastic line for clean, position accurate.

3, Sawing panel, Matching panel, panel preparation

According to the height of structure, cut corresponding length of panel, the length of wall panel would be less 20mm than the clear height of the floor structure. 

4, Sizing and installation

Stirring cement adhesive with electric tools, mixing uniform according to the formula, moderate dry-wet, whenever need cement adhesive then mix, and should be finished within 30 minutes. Connecting the panel with the ground, other wall, column place with cement adhesive, centralizer the panel in place according to wall line, using the crowbar to move wall panel, pry and crowded, and through the movement of the crowbar, the wall moves within the line, the cement adhesive evenly fill in the joint place, make the male and female edge compact connection, interlocking, adhesive wedge mouths full (squeeze pulp as appropriate).


5, Temporary fixed with rubber wedge

Prepare rubber wedge, take the hammer, the alignment, pry up the wall panel motionless, fix with rubber wedge, tight with the hammer, due to the wall in place to the line is coarse adjustments, plus the rubber wedge fastening involve slightly small dislocation, generally need to set-up the fine-tuning (general flatness adjustment within 5 mm) and the lower plate can be adjusted by pounding rubber wedge to allowable deviation range.

6, Filling embedded PU Foam

After correction wall panel, filling embedded PU Foam 


 Using steel nail between the panel, between panel and beam connection use Rachel muscles

For earthquake requirements, according to the requirements of design, the wall panel and structure interface, two pieces of the panel's upper and lower end flat-fell seam and horizontal installation use Rachel muscles, Rachel, reinforcement using 25 cm ¢6 reinforced steel bar and implant structure depth of no less than 8 cm, steel structure should be welding. Install Rachel muscles, use steel rule measure the embedded point, when installation panel close to embedded point, filled the hole with adhesive, use the hammer hammer the Rachel muscles into the embedded hole.

8, Reserved expansion joints

The length of the straight wall more than 4 meters, each six panels set one expansion joints, a joint use of 10 mm thick DAQUAN dedicated telescopic piece control width of expansion joint, then use PU Foam sealing agent.

9,  Correction

For correction, one person take guiding rule close to the wall surface measuring perpendicularity, smoothness, on the other hand take the hammer hit rubber wedge. Adjust panel rough top: a person take guiding rule, another person take wood square against the wall, slight tapping with a hammer for correction (do not directly hit the wall with hammer). Repeat check flatness, squareness, until meet the requirements (Check the vertical degree the aluminum alloy rule should hang line hammer). After correction according to the requirement flatness, squareness, then using scraper to evenness the extrusion and lack of mucilage, installed in turn.

10, Grouting,  pulp

Filling and striking the correction panel seam with adhesive 

11, Self-checking inspection, quality acceptance

After installed, overall acceptance, and fill in, paste the acceptance form.

12, Work out a clear, civilization construction

After each class assignments, clean up the construction of the construction waste and placed in designated places.

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