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Overall housing density on the surface of the reinforced fiber cement plate with good sound insulation function and connection of concave and convex chamfer and internal wall body material has good sound absorption and sound insulation function. After the examination, 100 mm thick wall of the volume of 46 db, much higher than other brick wall sound insulation effect, conform to the requirements of the national residential sound insulation.

Complete house
  • Complete house

Complete house

To provide you with a better housing:
- 96% green and energy saving
- 300% quick installation
- 39% labor savings
- a magnitude 8 earthquake function
- 240 minutes fire prevention function (1000 ℃)
- higher than the design life of 70

Module 1: wall materials
Of power houses the main wall materials for power light energy-saving insulation sandwich panel, for new wall building materials of environmental protection, to 4.5 mm thick calcium silicate board as panel, with 42.5 Portland cement, polystyrene foam, high-quality raw materials for the core material such as sand. Plate length of 1500-3000 mm, width is 610 millimeter, thickness of 50-200 - mm.


Module 2: roofing material

Module 3: ceiling
Plasterboard of face 1.
Size: 2440 x1200x9 mm
USES: mainly used in the living room and bedroom ceiling.
2. Aluminous gusset plate integrated ceiling
Size: 300 x300mm
USES: mainly used for kitchen and toilet ceiling.
Module 4: doors and Windows
1. The door
Door, steel security door
Indoor door: real wood door, paint door, steel wood door, composite door
Toilet door, aluminum alloy glass doors
Window of 2.
Window: wood, plastic, aluminium alloy window, stainless steel window
Module 5: floor tile and wall brick
1. The wall brick: 300 x300mm and 300 x450mm ceramic tile.
2. The floor tile of real wood floor, compound floor and ceramic tile.
Module 6: the bathroom
1. The toilet
Washstand of 2.
3. A complete set of shower
4. Dry wet glass partition
Module 7: the kitchen
Ambry of 1.
2. Xiancai basins
Module 8: water and electricity system
Provide a complete set of ?

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