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  • 2016/08/23 Prefabricated building wall

    Prefabricated construction refers to the use of prefabricated components are assembled in site construction. With the development of modern industrial technology, can build a house like machines, batch of complete sets of manufacturing. As long as the prefabricated building components, the site is assembled.

    Prefabricated building wall
  • 2016/08/23 Steel structure building wall

    Steel structure building a new kind of building system can connect the real estate, construction, metallurgical industry boundaries between the industry, set to become a new industry system, which is in the industry generally bullish on steel structure building system. Currently applied to the steel structure in high-rise building is becoming more and more mature, gradually become the mainstream of construction process.

    Steel structure building wall
  • 2016/08/23 Commercial building wall

    In a narrow sense, commercial building is used for commodity Exchange and commodity circulation architecture. With the continuous development of commodity categories and exchange, at present the construction category of goods is various. Overall layout and design of commercial buildings, should according with the requirement of safety, fire prevention, has a reasonable organization, clear functional division and convenient to the masses.

    Commercial building wall
  • 2016/08/23 Industrial building wall

    Industrial building serves as the place of workshop to intensive production, its construction must meet the equipment storage, storage of raw materials, product transportation and other basic production needs, and at the same time provide comfortable working environment for staff, therefore, the planning and design of industrial building has many different characteristics of the civil building. Industrial workshop has special requirements in earthquake proof, sound insulation, fireproof, etc.

    Industrial building wall
  • 2016/08/23 Public building wall

    Generally public consumption building is belonging to public building, , its characteristic is load strength, high security level, large construction area,considering the situation of traffic evacuation for large flow crowd, such as railway stations, cinemas, etc.

    Public building wall
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