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  • 2016/08/23 Fireproof partition wall

    DAQUAN fireproof partition wall features: DAQUAN fireproof partition wall non-combustible performance meet the national A-level standards, fire resistance to high temperature at 1000 degrees Celsius for 4 hours, good fireproof performance, fire and smoke gas can be confined to the fire area, and not sending out poisonous gases, make the staff have enough time to evacuate and fire fighting, avoid major loss of life and property, a more security for your safety.

    Fireproof partition wall
  • 2016/08/23 Sound insulation partition wall

    DAQUAN sound insulation partition wall features: DAQUAN sound insulation partition wall has a good sound insulation effect, its internal composition material (EPS polystyrene particles) and wall connection male and female edge has a good sound insulation performance and sound-absorbing function. Inspection by national professional testing institutions, 90mm thick wall reach the volume of 45db, much higher than other brick wall sound insulation effect, conform to the national residential sound insulation standard.

    Sound insulation partition wall
  • 2016/08/23 Waterproof partition wall

    DAQUAN waterproof partition wall features: DAQUAN waterproof partition wall has a good waterproof, moisture proof performance, can be used in the wet area such as kitchen, toilet, basement, wall will not loose, active magnesia, deformation or strength degradation phenomenon by absorption of moisture.

    Waterproof partition wall
  • 2016/08/23 Lightweight partition wall

    DAQUAN lightweight partition wall features: DAQUAN lightweight wall panel is a kind of solid core thin body new wall materials, materials of lightweight, greatly reduce the bearing of the construction. Its thickness between 50 mm - 200 mm, compared with traditional block thickness greatly save the building space.

    Lightweight partition wall
  • 2016/08/23 Installation

    A partition to separate the wall of building internal space. Does not bearing wall, generally require light, thin, has good sound insulation performance. The partition of the rooms with different functions have different requirements, such as the partition of the kitchen should have refractory performance; Bathroom partition should be moistureproof ability.

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