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Both advantages of lightweight partition board, fireproof and heat preservation

Source:DQ   Date:2016/10/13 10:58:26

Lightweight partition board light dead weight, weight ratio is big, also can use fixed frameless structure, suitable for all kinds of industrial buildings, residential buildings, public buildings engineering nonbearing wall. Has sound insulation moistureproof, seismic intensity of sound insulation, fire insulation, covers an area of small, good, construction is convenient wait for an advantage. Is the preferred modern decorate building materials. Heat preservation of lightweight partition board even in the cold winter and help you against the winds that blow.

Lightweight partition board is to use the disposal of phosphogypsum in wet process production, no need to phosphorus gypsum dewatering and drying processing, so don't need expensive equipment investment, therefore may say the advent of lightweight partition board technology will uncover a new chapter, comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum has outstanding environmental protection significance.

Lightweight partition board to add a lot of gelled material, strength greatly increased, at the same time it with the adhesive surface with similar coefficient of expansion and shrinkage, is conducive to eliminate the stress concentration, enhance the cohesive strength.


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Both advantages of lightweight partition board, fireproof and heat preservation

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