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Lightweight partition board production line factory in Iran

Source:DQ   Date:2016/9/29 16:18:36

Project introduction

Light board production line is mainly composed of mixing equipment, foam equipment, mold and other such equipment of form a complete set of machinery, the production of production line is mainly composed of mould quantity to determine. This production line is characterized by less equipment investment, the subsequent expansion has strong maneuverability, high production efficiency. Provided free of charge the company brand, trade mark, the technological process of technical training, as a factory company (cooperation), production, installation, sales, to provide comprehensive support and services. Specific data acquisition, to buy advisory welcome call 027-87506506.

Iran (introduction)

The islamic republic of Iran, located in western Asia, the Middle East countries. Iran in north-central close to the Caspian sea, south depends on the Persian gulf and the Arabian sea. Northeast east of Pakistan and Afghanistan, Iran and turkmenistan border, north-west Armenia and azerbaijan and neighbors, the west side of Turkey and Iraq. Land area of about 1648195 square kilometers, world number 18. According to national statistics database on July 18, 2014, according to Iran's population of 77598379. Iran's financial BBS newspaper reported on August 26, traffic urban construction minister said on Monday, Iran, the Iranian government debt is more, to realize the goal of the construction of infrastructure, in the next decade to rely on foreign investment. Under the background of the introduction of basic building materials is very profitable!

Project characteristics

Lightweight composite wallboard fire prevention, moistureproof, green environmental protection, sound insulation, thermal insulation and shock

1, environmental protection, lightweight energy-saving wall materials using 100% raw materials do not contain harmful substances, without A radioactive products, in line with national G/T169-2005 or GB/T23451-2009 standard.

2, fire prevention: light weight energy saving wall material under the high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius refractory limit more than 4 hours, and not sending out poisonous gases, non-combustible performance meet the national grade A standard.

3, increase the use area: light weight energy saving wall material generally use 75 mm wall materials with 75 brick wall thickness less than 85 mm, that is to say, energy-saving light wallboard, each extension of 11.8 m, can increase the usable floor area of 1 m.

4, integral sex is good: because is prefabricated construction, triad of ontology structure, board with board connected into a whole, shock resistance is 1.5 times that of the general masonry; Method of anchorage steel structure, high strength of the wall, can make the height, span the interval of the wall, the overall seismic performance is higher than ordinary masonry wall many times. Light weight energy saving wall partition system structure tightly, integral sex is good, not deformation, metope is not easy to loose, good vibration resistance.

5 waterproof, moistureproof, experiments show that the wall can do without any waterproof decorative surface conditions, with cement bond into a pool filled with water body, the back wall can keep dry, leaving no trace, also won't appear the condensed water bead in wet weather. Composed of wallboard material are hydrophobic material, have good waterproof, moistureproof performance, can be used in wet area such as kitchen, toilet, basement.

6, sound insulation, light weight energy saving wall plate of the internal composition of the materials have good sound insulation effect, 90 mm thick wall partition volume 43 db, its sound insulation sound insulation effect conforms to the national housing demand, compared with other brick wall sound insulation effect.

7, easy construction, light weight energy saving wall completely is doing homework, prefabricated construction, wall plate can be adjusted arbitrary cutting width, length. Transportation is concise, piled up during the construction of health without mortar batch swings, greatly shorten the time limit for a project, and material loss rate is low, reducing the construction waste.

8, heat insulation, light weight energy saving wall composition of the material by low alkalinity sulphur aluminate cement, EPS particles, fly ash, the high quality sand and various additives by high temperature and high pressure steam curing, and determines the he has good heat insulation function, make you more comfortable indoor environment.

9, hang power: light energy saving wall plate can be directly nailing or expansion bolt hanging heavy objects, such as air conditioner, single point hanging force in more than 45 kg. And won't produce dust wall panel surface level off is smooth, can be directly stickup ceramic tile, wall paper, material such as wood trim do finish processing.

10, lightweight economy: light energy saving wall plate 75 mm thick weighs as much as 1/7 of the 120 mm thick masonry weight, thus reducing the construction cost, increases the usable floor area. Simple and convenient construction, reduce the labor intensity, speed up the construction progress, save 15-30% of the total project cost, satisfy the different customer demand for modern building indoor and outdoor environment.

Range of application

Is widely used in hotels, hotel, KTV, schools, hospitals, residential, office buildings, apartments, sports venues, conference and exhibition center, factory, transportation hub and other kinds of buildings, to meet different customer requirements to the modern building indoor and outdoor environment.


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Lightweight partition board production line factory in Iran

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