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Daquan group's new company Lianzhong construction

Source:DQ   Date:2017/4/8 9:19:35

Daquan group, the name of the new company:


Set up: 28th August 2015.

Address: Qingji Road, East part, Economic development zone, Jingshan Jingmen Hubei, China.

Business scope: energy-saving wall materials and energy-saving environmental protection calcium silicate board production, sales and installation; Electrical and mechanical equipment research and development, production, sales and installation; Import and export, technology import and export, agent import and export of goods

Site:Covers an area of 133333m2, the steel structure factory building in the construction of the foundation framework.

Produce all kinds of light wall panel 2,000,000 square meters, light wall panel production capacity of 150 sets of equipment, production line installation.

Steel structure workshop, both inside and outside of lightweight partition installation

Plant partition inside and outside wall use Daquan Group produce of lightweight partition panel, such lightweight partition panel very suitable for steel structure workshop, for the installation of prefabricated installation simple and quick, light weight of lightweight partition panel itself to solve the problems of the steel structure factory building bearing, the superior performance in all aspects of lightweight partition panel, fireproof limit 4 hours, meet the demand of factory building fire prevention, sound insulation in 48 DB, sound insulation effect is good, have solved the problem of determination in the production process, the seismic grade 8, don't worry about the production line in the process of production machine vibration problem.

Lianzhong new plant put into production, will greatly increase Daquan group's production capacity, for our customers to provide more high quality wall materials.

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